10 Reasons Your Website is Driving Customers Away

So you’ve built a website, but it seems that it’s driving customers away. What could be the possible reason for it? In this article, we talk about why your website is driving customers away.

If you’re not continually making your site better and updating them when the trends shift, it could be driving customers away in large numbers. 

When it comes to websites, it’s easy to say “good enough” about the layout and usability. We see it as “good” because everything seems to be working in the first place. Yet, we forget that a good website means converting the traffic to sales or closing a deal with your prospective client. So, let’s list the top ten errors that could make visitors bounce out of your website.

10 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? But what if you can’t see the problem and you never found out that something was broken until it’s too late? That’s why website audit is crucial in maintaining a website. At one glimpse, you won’t see anything wrong. But when you look at the report, it’s when you’ll realize that your customers are not actually browsing your website.

The primary goal of creating and launching a site is to drive enough traffic. The second goal is to ensure that the users stay on the site, look around the website, and ultimately register for an offer or purchase the product or service. 

But these are all impossible if your clients are going away or closing the tab of your website. There are lots of possibilities why a web visitor suddenly leaves a website. 

Your website is driving customers away because of outdated designs.

First impressions can be influential, especially for websites. When the initial impression that your website creates is that it’s not been updated since the early days of the internet, then you’re in trouble. 

An outdated website can lead visitors to believe that your company is on its road to extinction. Thus, it is crucial to hire a professional web designer in San Jose to help you build your website. These experts execute the best practices to maintain and continuously update any website.

Your website is driving customers away because it is not mobile-friendly and responsive.

The majority of people are using smartphones now more than ever before. They use them to search for products and browse content. If your website isn’t responsive to devices other than computers, you’re putting off potential customers. Be sure that your website is responsive on all devices to avoid offending potential customers.

Your website is driving customers away because of complicated navigation.

Don’t offer your visitors numerous options within the navigation. Instead, think about what you need to promote and what should be on the homepage. If visitors cannot locate what they require or want, they’re likely to find it elsewhere.

Imagine shopping in a store, but you can’t seem to find what you want to buy. The same goes for web visitors. If you fail to show them what you can offer to solve their problems, your website is useless.

Your website is driving customers away because of grammatical errors.

Always check the grammar of your website. We sometimes replace “your” with “you’re” on some blogs and even web content. Aside from being embarrassing, it sounds too unprofessional. Make sure you do yourself a favor and create compelling content on your website.

Your website is driving customers away because there are no CTA buttons.

The person you want to attract might not leave your site right away because they can’t find a call-to-action. Your web visitors can’t find a way to check out their items or contact your team. Always give your customers a way to go to the “next step.” Don’t make your leads guess to navigate them through your site by providing relevant and current CTA’s.

Your website is driving customers away because of autoplay music or video ads.

Let’s face it. Pop-up ads are annoying. You might be earning money from it, but maybe its location isn’t at the right place. It is not a pleasant experience to open a window and then get bombarded with music or an unintentional video commercial.

Your website is driving customers away because of an unclear homepage.

Have you ever been on an online site and wondered, “what is this site even about?” If your homepage fails to engage visitors who visit your site or does not clearly communicate that you are there to assist them, they’ll likely look for a website that can provide the answers to their inquiries. 

Remember that most users who visit your website are in the initial phase of buying an item or asking about services. Therefore, make sure your homepage provides the most crucial information that your clients want to know.

Your website is driving customers away because there are no social media links.

If potential customers can tell that you’re not on social media and your website doesn’t have links to these social media channels, they’ll think you’re out of touch. Social media is a must for modern companies, and not using it can be detrimental to your online reputation. Customers expect companies to be active on social media nowadays since it indicates a trustworthy company that has nothing to hide.

Your website is driving customers away because it lacks quality content.

Customers search for information online to find answers to their questions and help them make a purchasing decision. However, suppose your website lacks a blog, content offers, product demos, client testimonials, etc. In that case, it is time for them to say goodbye. 

Honesty and being helpful are essential to earning a potential customer’s trust and, ultimately, their business. If your site is merely promoting your business and does not have the content necessary to inform your buyers and educate them, they’ll move to a company that is more focused on solving their issues.

You’ve got it, the top reasons your website is driving customers away. Are you ready to take your next move? Contact us and let us help you create a website that converts. Let your customers stay longer on your website.


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